Medical Care

Just like us, our pets can get sick sometimes, too.  At those times, Veterinary Clinic of Indiana has a number of tools that can quickly provide results, and assist with diagnosing your pet’s condition.

microscopeOur veterinarians and technicians examine samples under the microscope for parasites, abnormal cells, or bacteria.






We have automated blood machines that analyze blood cell counts and blood chemistries.  We use several types of SNAP test kits to diagnose infectious diseases like Lyme disease, heartworm, feline leukemia virus, and canine parvovirus.  We perform urinalysis.

Dog PelvisWhen we need to examine the internal structures of the body, we can use digital radiography (x-rays), which stores the images on a computer.








Most diseases can be treated with medications or therapies at home. Our pharmacy stocks many of the commonly prescribed drugs, which saves you a trip to the drugstore!

However, some conditions will require further testing, hospitalization, or intensive support.  Some of these cases may be referred to Kittanning Veterinary Hospital, or 24-hour specialty care centers, as there is no direct supervision overnight or on weekends.