Surgical Care


Prior to any surgery, we will perform a complete physical examination. We recommend pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure your pet’s kidneys and liver can process the drugs. Based on your pet’s physical condition and procedure planned, we then create an anesthetic plan. We have a number of drugs to choose from, to provide the safest anesthetic event possible. Intravenous fluids are encouraged for all procedures to maintain blood pressure, flush anesthetic drugs through the liver and kidneys, and provide IV access in the rare case emergency drugs are needed.

Throughout the procedure, our trained technicians monitor heart rate, breathing rate, blood oxygenation levels, and anesthetic depth. We monitor all pets after anesthesia to make sure they’re warm and comfortable. We provide post-operative pain management in the form of injectable and oral medications, and when possible, temporary local nerve blocks.

Surgical Services

AN surgeryVeterinary Clinic of Indiana has the expertise to offer a variety of common surgeries.

Our most common procedures are spays (ovariohysterectomy) and neuters (castration), but we are capable of performing other soft tissue surgeries such as tumor removal, hernia repair, and laceration repair.

Major orthopedic surgery services will be accommodated at Kittanning Veterinary Hospital at this time.